The Sugar Industry

  • Biggest producer is Brazil (38 million tonnes a year) followed by India (25 million tonnes per year)
  • Main market are Indonesia and EU-27 (European Union)
  • Agrofin supplies both Raw Sugar and ICUMSA 45 / 100 / 150
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Uses of Crude Palm Oil

Crude Palm Oil is refined for:

  • Vegetable / Cooking Oil
  • Fat ingredient for soap and shampoo
  • Butter substitutes
  • Biofuel (Biodiesel and Jet Biofuel)
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Indonesian Crude Palm Oil

  • Our partners in Indonesia has the largest combined production output of CPO
  • Assurance of a continuous supply of CPO during the duration of the contract
  • PORAM (Palm Oil Refiners Association of Malaysia) standards
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The Crude Palm Oil Market

  • India is the biggest importer of both crude and refined palm oil and its derivatives averaging 750,000 metric tonnes per month
  • China is the second averaging 550,000 metric tonnes a month
  • EU-27 (European Union) with a combined 480,000 metric tonnes a month
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Our Group

  • EAG started its operation in 1978 and has since then, been considered as one of the leading contractors in Bahrain.
  • EAG built its high reputation in the fields of Real Estate Development and commercial trading. EAG is also highly involved in the development of the State of Bahrain and …
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Welcome to Agrofin WLL

Agrofin WLL, is a member of Ebrahim Abdulaal Group in the Kingdom of Bahrain, that trades agricultural commodities in MENA, Europe, Asia and the rest of the world.

The company offers branded field fresh agricultural products across Middle East and international markets. We apply innovation and technology to help farmers around the world produce more while conserving more. We have the broadest range of quality agricultural products and innovative services in the industry.

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Latest News

Our Commodities

Our Partners


Our chain of partners in Indonesia and Malaysia ensures our clients' supply of Crude Palm Oil and its derivatives will be met on both standards and supply volume. We are always ready to cater your demands .

Supplier Certifications

Our partners are certified members of the following:

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Crude Palm Oil Daily Pricing

15-05-2014 $ 920.00 $ 880.00
16-05-2014 $ 910.00 $ 870.00
19-05-2014 $ 902.50 $ 862.50

15 May 14 MYR 2,639.50 / $ 818.00 $ 865.00
16 May 14 MYR 2,63.50 / $ 819.00 $ 866.00
19 May 14 MYR - / $ -

Vegetable Oil Daily Pricing

Malaysian FOB price as of 19 May 2014

RBD Palm Olein (May)$ 840.00
RBD Palm Olein (June)$ 835.00
Refined Palm Oil (May)$ 837.50
Refined Palm Oil (June)$ 832.50
RBD Palm Stearin (May)$ 820.00
Palm Fatty Acid Distillate (May)$ 800.00

CIF Rotterdam price as of 19 May 2014

Palm Kernel Oil$ 1,240.00
Coconut Oil$ 1,400.00

Sunflower Oil Pricing as of 19 May 2014

May-Jun 2014$ 945.00
Jul-Sep 2014$ 945.00

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